how to manage depression or support a mate with depression

Attention Anyone Suffering From The Effects Of Depression…

“What If There Were A Way You Could Retrain Your Brain And Take Control Over Your Depression Once And For All?”

Learn The Secrets Of How A Middle-Aged, Suicidal Woman Defied Conventional Wisdom And Defeated Her Debilitating Depression…And How You Can Do The Same!

From The Desk of Annette Tonkin

Dear Friend,

If you or someone you love suffers from depression, I don’t have to tell you what a nightmare it is.

How it can feel as though you’re trapped in a prison cell as your life is taken over by this terrible disease.

The constant agony as it feels like your own mind and body are working against you.

How life can seem so bad sometimes that it’s a struggle just to make it through the day.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

I know from experience that it can feel as though you’ll never find a way past your depression, but what might your life be like if you could?

If you’ll allow yourself to just open your mind up to the possibility that there might be a brighter future in store, then I’ll show you how you can get there.

Take a few seconds right now, and imagine what it will feel like when:

  • You wake up each and every morning smiling, excited about the day ahead
  • You’re able to enjoy a rich and fulfilling relationship with the person you love
  • Your mind is clear so you can relax and feel good whenever you choose
  • Life is all of a sudden an exciting challenge instead of something to hide from
  • You’re able to surround yourself with family and friends and feel pure joy just from being in their company
  • You know exactly what your most important goals and passions are and exactly how to achieve your wildest dreams
  • You’re able to reach your ideal body weight, so you look as great as you now feel

Does this sound like a better way to live your life?

Well I’m here to tell you that you can have all of the above and more.

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Is Your Loved One Battling With Depression?

Maybe you aren’t suffering from depression personally. Maybe it is your mate who has this illness.

It can be incredibly tough to watch the person you love get lost in the murky haze of depression.

Some of the daily battles you may have to fight include:

  • Listening to the same negative comments over and over again
  • Watching them indulge in self-destructive behaviour
  • Trying to encourage them to be an active participant in any sort of activity
  • Not knowing what to say as they continually make excuses for their failure to even try and be proactive
  • Battling to keep your own head above water as their negativity seems to drag you under with them
  • A complete lack of physical and emotional affection from the person you love

It can seem an almost impossible task to help your mate deal with their depression.

But… it doesn’t have to be this way.

When you have the right resources at your disposal, all of a sudden a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

It’s possible to tackle their depression head-on and come out the other side.

Making It Through Hell And Back

How do I know this is possible?

Because I have been through the darkest of depressions, and learned how to come out the other side and feel the highest of highs.

Today my life is in a place that I never would have dreamed was possible.

But starting at a young age, depression was something that always loomed over me.

I didn’t know it was depression at the time, all I knew was that things didn’t feel right.

I felt like I didn’t fit in. Felt worthless. Like the whole world was against me and I had nowhere or no one to turn to.

At my absolute lowest point, I tried to kill myself.

I just couldn’t see any reason why I should go on living.

Thankfully I survived this ordeal, but as a result I had to endure years of therapy and medication.

While at times this helped relieve some of the symptoms, it didn’t come close to actually getting rid of my depression.

That was something that I had to figure out how to do on my own, and was a gradual process over a number of years.

But eventually I discovered a way of reprogramming my own brain that led me down the path to beating my depression and reclaiming my life.

I’ve since been able to find my place in the world, develop incredibly loving relationships and achieve a balance in mind and body.

I even had the good fortune to represent my country at the Olympic Games!

Following My True Calling

Now, one of my greatest passions has become helping people who are going through the same torture that consumed me for so long.

You might even say that it has become my purpose in life. To share the practical advice that worked for me so I can support others as they work through the steps it takes to free themselves from the grips of depression.

And to further enhance my ability to bring about change in people’s lives, I undertook courses to help me better understand how to communicate my knowledge.

I successfully completed post graduate studies in Neuro Linguistic Programming, one of the most practical and effective tools used today to bring about seemingly miraculous changes in people’s lives.

With all that I had learnt, I felt a responsibility to share what I knew. A guide that anyone can follow to take the necessary steps to make depression a thing of the past.

A Practical Blueprint That Unlocks The Tools You Need To Combat Depression

My book, ‘A Self-Help Guide to Depression: Real-Life Solutions for Managing Depression’ is a road-map that you can follow to get you back on the right path.

It contains all of the collected wisdom that has taken me over thirty years to fully discover.

Here are just some of the things that you’ll learn from my book:

  • A foolproof step-by-step strategy to help eliminate your depression
  • How to use the power of your unconscious mind to change your outlook, without having to change who you are
  • How to rewire the patterns in your brain to create long-lasting change
  • Learn how to change your internal dialogue to become a source of inspiration rather than damnation
  • Unlock the key to creative dreaming and how to use it effectively to create a brand new future for yourself
  • The relationship between the mind and body and how it can be your biggest asset on your road to recovery
  • The role that exercise plays in healing your body and your mind, including a little known secret that gives you the same positive benefits of intense exercise without even lifting a finger
  • How to live a life that you are completely in control of, filled with joy, excitement and positivity

I want to make this information available to as many people who need it as possible. That’s why it’s available for instant download to your computer and you can be reading it in just minutes from now.

It’s the exact same blueprint that I wish I had known about when I was struggling with depression. And I want you to benefit from my journey.

So I’m offering my book at a special price of only $37 for a limited time. And since I want you to feel completely comfortable with this investment, I’m giving you a full 30 days to try it out risk free.

I’m so convinced that my book will deliver everything I promise and more, that I’m giving you a whole month to try it out for yourself. If for whatever reason you decide it isn’t for you, just let me know and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

You really have nothing to lose, except this opportunity to rid yourself of your depression and start living the life you deserve.

A crucial part of your recovery is accepting responsibility and taking action to get where you want to go. It all starts with that very first step.

And that very first step is right here as you decide to make the investment in yourself and the life you want to live. Congratulate yourself on your decision now to study this book and begin the healing process.

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Bonus For Those Whose Mate Suffers From Depression

Now I’ve already talked about the difficulty of having a loved one who is battling this illness.

You can have them read my book and they will get great results from it.

But, I’ve also re-written my book so that it is aimed specifically for the partners who are trying their best to cope.

To give you an insight into what life is like for your mate as they live with depression on a daily basis, and how you can help and support them as they strive to get through it.

This book is called, ‘Supporting a Mate Through Depression’ and by reading this you will learn:

  • Skills that will allow you to generate hope in your mate
  • Suggestions on how to get your mate active
  • The excuses they are likely to use and how to deal with them
  • An understanding of language and how it affects behavior
  • The ability to generate realistic dreams and goals in your mate
  • An easy to follow roadmap that will bring you closer together as you work in unison to tackle this illness head on

You’ll get all of the above and more, but most importantly you’ll be uplifted by hope. The hope that there is a way through this, and there is indeed a bright and healthy future for your relationship, if you so choose.

So how much is the success of your relationship worth to you?

I want to make this as affordable as possible for everyone, which is why this book is also being offered for the special price of $37. I can’t guarantee how much longer it will remain at this discounted price, however.

But for those who are really serious about taking action against depression once and for all, I have an even better deal for you.

If you choose today to invest in both of my books, ‘A Self-Help Guide to Depression’ and ‘Supporting a Mate Through Depression’, you can secure them both for the low price of only $47.

Again, this comes with a complete unconditional guarantee. Try the books out for a full 30 days and notice how much of an improvement they make in your life.

If you aren’t completely satisfied, simply drop me an e-mail and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Yes Annette, I realize $47 is an incredible deal and I want to download both of your books and begin the journey to a brighter, happier future

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Adversity Consultant & Author: How to Manage Depression with Real-Life Solutions

P.S. These books contain actual real-world advice that WILL help you beat your depression if you follow it. By investing in this information today you are proving to yourself that you have what it takes to grab control of your life and work towards creating whatever future you choose. I wholeheartedly commend you on that and wish you well in all that follows.