Depression Is Just A Pattern Of Electrical Impulses In The Brain

All information in the brain is in the form of electrical impulses. This includes sensory information received from the body as well as thoughts and feelings. Like any other information in the brain, depression isn’t anything more than a pattern of electrical impulses. Understanding this will help you to understand just how easy it can be to change your thoughts, your feelings, and your life.

What Can You Do About Electrical Impulses?

You may be thinking, “That it is good to know, that depression is just a pattern of electrical impulses,” but you think that doesn’t help you. You probably are thinking you need more than just a simple statement of scientific fact.

Electrical Impulses In The BrainBut actually, it does. Every thought you think, that you choose to think, is an electrical impulse.

When you think a thought over and over again, whether it is a thought of happiness or depression, then the neural pathways of that thought become stronger and in time even take up more space in your brain. At the same time, the thoughts and neural pathways that you use less start to fade away. This is called neuro plasticity.

In essence, you are training your brain in how and what to think. You could use this to train your brain to think positive thoughts all the time or you could use this to train your brain to think negative thoughts all the time. In short, you could train your brain into depression or you could train your brain right out of it.

Electrical Impulses And Recovery From Mental Illnesses Like Depression

Most people think of mental illnesses like depression as problems with the way the brain is set up. You just learned that your brain can change the way it is set up with your help. When you think in a certain way long enough then your brain changes to match that way of thinking.

You could choose to practice looking for the good in every situation. If you keep consciously looking for the positive aspects of your life then your brain will start to automatically do this for you. With enough practice, this simple act could have you effortlessly finding the silver lining of every situation and could make sure that you always have something to be happy about. Depression cannot exist when all you see is the good in everything.

When you realize that information in the brain is all in the form of electrical impulses and that you can control these impulses then you can see how your brain can be changed anytime you want to change it. Mental illnesses like depression can be vastly improved with this approach and in many cases can even be cured. All it takes is knowledge of neuro plasticity and a willingness to use it.

Annette Tonkin

Adversity Consultant, Physiotherapist and Author

“You have to do it yourself, and you can’t do it alone.” Martin Rutte

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I am passionate about bringing together my physiotherapy training, NLP training and personal experience in a form that can help others struggling with mental health issues through the medium of the internet.

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