How To Overcome Depression

Depression can be overcome. It takes dedication and effort but depression can be dramatically improved, if not flat-out cured. There is no question about the effectiveness of various depression treatments for most individuals.

If you seriously want to learn how to overcome depression, here are some tried and tested depression treatments and methods that will make this a reality for you..

Get Professional Help

How To Overcome Depression

When your depression hits a certain point then it requires professional help. If you haven’t been able to overcome it on your own then turn to professionals who know the most successful treatment options and who can help you find the best treatment regimen for you.

There is no shame in asking for help, only a strong possibility that you will start feeling better soon.

Realize That You Can’t See The Situation Clearly

When you are depressed your view of the world is skewed. You can’t see the situation clearly because your depression is getting in the way.

Feeling Of HopelessnessYou may be convinced that nothing could make you feel better when there are many treatment options that could have you feeling better than you thought you would ever feel again.

Recognize that the hopelessness that you feel is not real but just a symptom of a treatable condition.

Be Willing To Change And Make Smart Changes

It may be difficult when you are depressed but you need to have faith that your depression can be treated. You need to learn what changes have helped many others in your position feel better and then you need to make those changes in your own life.

Depression rarely goes away on its own but if you make smart changes that have been proven effective for many other depressed individuals then your depression is probably on its way out.

Work On Changing Your Thoughts And Behaviors

When you feel depressed then you will start thinking thoughts and engaging in behaviors that support your depression. You may start thinking that things are hopeless or that you are worthless. Neither one is true but as long as you keep letting yourself thinking it then you are contributing to your ongoing depression.

You may withdraw from friends and family which is another action that just reinforces your feelings of depression. To overcome depression you need to work on changing the thoughts and behaviors that are helping to keep that depression going. Professional counseling can be an excellent way to gain some new perspective on what changes will benefit you the most.

Get Support

Support For Depression

If you’ve been trying to find out how to overcome depression, do yourself a favor and realize that the above methods can work for you, but you need support. Depression can be too much to handle on your own so ask friends and family for help.

They can be there to cheer you on and to keep you working your way out of depression, even when you feel like giving up.

My book “A Self-Help Guide To Depression” was written with the purpose of guiding you on how to overcome¬†depression. It is written from my personal experience and I am confident that if you follow the processes in it as I did you will go a long way on overcoming depression.

Annette Tonkin

Adversity Consultant, Physiotherapist and Author

“You have to do it yourself, and you can’t do it alone.” Martin Rutte

About Annette Tonkin

I am passionate about bringing together my physiotherapy training, NLP training and personal experience in a form that can help others struggling with mental health issues through the medium of the internet.


  1. I’m all about personal development..

    Put the right stuff into your mind consistently and your mind will change..

    • Annette Tonkin says:

      I agree Jack. It’s just that some times depressed people have lost the ‘right stuff’ to put into their minds and that is where people like myself and you can help.

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